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23 Jun Vitamin C: Regular consumption can provide protection for your heart
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Scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California have released a new study that proves for the first time that only consistent, daily consumption of vitamin C can protect our hearts from di..
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Influenza (flu) season is here. The media and CDC have been heavily pushing the influenza vaccine for over a month already. However, research has shown that this year’s flu shot is extremely toxic, in..
16 Oct Differences between male and female vital organs
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With all the gender ambiguities all around us nowadays, sometimes we forget to celebrate the biological differences between male and female, besides the obvious of course. Men and women have played a ..
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Typically, men are still less likely than women to see a doctor when they get sick or at the first sign of a bothersome health symptom. And it’s even more unlikely that they’ll take supplements to pre..
21 Sep 10 Tips Against Underactive Thyroid Gland
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(hypothyroidism ) The thyroid gland is a real big boss in our body. And like any boss, if confused, it can cause many (sometimes fatal) problems. Moreover, in today's medical practice - as the symptom..
10 May Migraine and vitamin deficiency
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A migraine headache is more frequent than ever before, nowdays it besets the lives of many people. Most people do not know what causes it. According to some researches, it seems that the lack of certa..
27 Apr Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) & Bioflavonoids
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Vitamin C must be obtained either through diet or supplementation as unlike most animals and plants, humans have lost the ability to synthesize this nutrient.  Vitamin C is water-soluble which means t..
18 Apr 4 nutrients for improving the heart and vascular system
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In the case of high blood pressure it is not enough to reduce blood pressure alone. Something has to be done with the blood vessels to be able to withstand more the load and you need some extra nutrie..
17 Apr Vitamin B12  is a little miracle
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An amazing thing was created by Nature and it is vitamin B12. The fact that this vitamin is built around a cobalt atom forming an extremely complex molecule indispensable for many physiological functi..
17 Apr Natural Treatment Of Depression
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Natural treatment of depression and winter drowsiness. Whether you are a marathon champion, a busy businessman or a fortunate grandchildren, you can experience depressive periods and depressions in yo..
17 Apr Organic Maca Root Powder and It’s Long List of Health Benefits
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Continued, and persistent use of high quality organic Maca root powder promotes improvement in the physical, hormonal, and emotional states of regular people. Simply put, maca is a root that grows in ..
12 Apr Two vitamins proven to protect against diabetes
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The metabolic syndrome is a disease known as a sign of the development of type 2 diabetes. It is actually a syndrome consisting of abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels and a..
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